Missing rabbit found, but ear mutilated

A rescue rabbit, which vanished from a British Columbia sanctuary along with a number of other bunnies, was found, but somebody tried to lop off part of the animal’s ear.

Susan Vickery, who takes in hundreds of rabbits at her Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS) compound in the Coombs area on Vancouver Island, said some of her animals disappeared in October. She blames a pair of teen volunteers for taking them as well as some equipment.

She spotted this injured animal hopping into a culvert, along with another bunny.

“It looks like they tried to cut the tattoo out of his ear,” Vickery told the Oceanside Star. “Imagine the pain.”

EARS is a haven for feral bunnies who would be otherwise destined for cull programs in places including Canmore, Alta. and the University of Victoria, which have known to be overrun with the prolific breeders.

Several other stolen rabbits were also recovered with the help of reward posters, media coverage and tips from the public.

stolen rabbits

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