Moose plays chicken in traffic after swimming across bay in Newfoundland

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You think your morning commute is bad.

Check out this moose on Newfoundland’s Salmonier Line early Monday morning.

Donna Francis was at home, but getting ready for work before 6 a.m. when she saw a moose swimming across St. Mary’s Bay. Yes, the entire body of water, before emerging on dry land only to play chicken in traffic on a busy road.

“Thought I was seeing things when I saw it swimming across the bay!” Francis posted on Facebook, where the amazing video has now been viewed tens of thousands of times. “Close call with the car…and I was too far away to warn them. I’ve seen so many near misses in front of my house!”

What an incredible journey.

First a dip.

Donna Francis/Facebook

Then a dodge.

Donna Francis/Facebook

Put this moose on The Amazing Race.

Donna Francis/Facebook

This is one lucky moose.

“There’s a rosebush on the edge of the road that could have blocked his view of the moose,” Francis added. “But people need to slow down along that stretch. I know it’s just a matter of time until there’s a bad moose accident. I’ve witnessed 4 really close calls in the last couple of years.”

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