Mounties always get their …. squirrels?

For most officers, this case would be a tough nut to crack. But not for this particular Mountie who knows how to handle some furry fiends.

RCMP in British Columbia posted this amazing photo of one of its officers, Sergeant Lecker, who took in the Critter Care Wildlife Society’s recent open house.

“Those are not standard issue Squirrels are they Sgt. Lecker?” the RCMP posted on Facebook and Twitter Wednesday. “For the seventh year in a row, Sgt. Lecker of Deas Island Traffic Services, had the opportunity to snuggle (and get peed on) by some super cute critters, at the Critter Care Annual Charity Open House.”

BC RCMP/Facebook
Not your usual suspects. BC RCMP/Facebook

When he wasn’t cleaning up, Sgt. Lecker was also handing stickers and colouring books to kids who were visiting the Langley, B.C. facility over the weekend. He also talked road safety and police equipment.

And, of the friendly rodents?  One of the squirrels appears to be on the mend. The non-profit group that takes in orphaned and injured wildlife posted this update.

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