UPDATE: #MPRraccoon rescued from skyscraper, Internet breathes sigh of relief

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The #MPRraccoon was rescued from the top of a St. Paul skyscraper this morning.

He was lured to the top of the 25-storey building with soft cat food.

A happy ending to a story that captivated the Internet.

Oh little daredevil raccoon!

Look at all the anxiety you are causing around the world as the Internet awaits what will happen next in your escapades.


When a raccoon, quickly dubbed with the hashtag #MPRraccoon decided to climb like Spiderman up a building, he captured hearts all around the world. MPR Radio first broke the news of the raccoon.

But soon major news outlets were livestreaming the raccoon’s daring act.

People filmed the live scaling of the USB Building by the raccoon.

Logan Eastman made a meme of what has become the second most famous St. Paul resident since Mary Tyler Moore.


Some people chimed in with suggestions of how to rescue the raccoon.

Even Mayor Melvin Carter had something to say.

The Internet lost its mind with worry.

People pledged to help rescue the raccoon including James Gunn, the writer for Guardians of the Galaxy, who offered a thousand dollar reward to a non political charity to anyone who saves the raccoon.

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