Tasmanian tiger may still exist

For nearly eight decades, no sighting of the Tasmanian tiger have been credibly noted. The last known one died in Hobart Zoo. At one time the Thylacine, as it’s known formally, was widespread in Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania and then was only last spotted in Tasmania, hence the name. But scientists, according to this article from the Guardian Newspaper believe they have found feces they believe belong to the Tasmanian tiger. That’s right, you can hide from civilization but someone will find your turds. A forestry worker quoted in the report spotted an odd looking creature similar to the Thylacine which has a weird rolling walk almost like a cow and a striped rear. Not only were the feces found, but the area where the Tasmania tiger may have been sighted have also had some strange disemboweled animal corpses which apparently is how the Thylacine once killed its prey.

h/t: Guardian

Photo credit: Wikipedia


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