One very unlucky dog

Bones lived an unenviable life.

In November, 2011, the Dogo Agentino (a hefty breed usually used in big game hunting) was briefly implicated a New York City killing. The animal was found in an apartment with a dead man. The dog was dappled with blood; the victim, David Shadha, had bite marks on his body. Questions were raised about whether the dog was used as a weapon. Bones was soon cleared, but its former owner, Shaun Dyer, now awaits trial for murder.

Though the Lexus Project, a new home was found for Bones in Toledo, Ohio. with a woman named Kathy Sutter. But in January, 2013 Sutter said her home was robbed and Bones disappeared. A search was mounted, but there was no trace of Bones. Meanwhile, Sutter moved to a new home, and nine months after Bones vanished, the animal’s body was discovered buried in her old yard. A veterinarian said Bones showed signs of malnutrition.

Volunteers returned to the property and the Lexus Project used its Facebook page to make a grim announcement.

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that they found an additional 6 bodies tonight, bringing the body count to 7, including Bones,” the group wrote. There was talk of a vigil. A video urged Justice for Bones and Sasha – another animal that was missing and then located.

The Toledo Area Humane Society and the local prosecutors were looking into the situation. No charges have been laid.

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