Only in FLA: Man accused of throwing gator through Wendy’s drive-thru

Certain alleged crimes only happen in certain places and this one is straight out of a Carl Hiassen book.

A man has now been taken into custody after being accused of tossing an alligator through a fast food drive-thru window.

The parents of the accused, 24-year-old Josh James, call their son a “prankster” and dismissed the incident as a “stupid prank.”

But wildlife officials are not amused. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, James, of Jupiter, picked up the 3.5-foot alligator from the side of the road and put it in his pick-up truck.

The alligator retrieval happened last October but officials just arrested James over the weekend. After picking up the ‘gator, James went to a drive-thru in Royal Palm Beach where FWC officials said he slung the critter into the restaurant through the window.

Ed and Linda James said their son is harmless, but he’s sitting in jail facing serious charges.

The charge against him is assault with a deadly weapon with intent to do less than murder.

I don’t even get that. I don’t get it,” said Linda James referring to the charge.

James apparently knew one of the employees at Wendy’s and his mother said that was who her son was playing a joke on.

FWC used a credit card receipt for a soda that Josh James purchased and tracked him down.

James did not have a criminal history before this arrest and remain jailed Monday night.

h/t: WPTV

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