Ontario Provincial Police llama drama ended in alpaca

It turns out it wasn’t a llama on the lam in eastern Ontario after all.

On Friday, the Ontario Provincial Police in Lanark County issued an unusual alert.

“ANYONE LOSE A LLAMA??” police tweeted.

Lanark OPP, it seemed, had been “dealing with a runaway” since Thursday night. Somewhere in the area of Drummond, Concession 7 and east of Perth, a llama was on the run.

They wayward critter was secured by Friday morning, and police made a plea for the owner to end the so-called, and turns out, inappropriately hash-tagged, “#LlamaDrama.”

That’s when police issued an even more unusual update and retraction of sorts.

“OWNER FOUND!” police posted.

“Happy to report that the owner of the wandering ‘alpaca’ has been found and they have been re-united,” officers wrote. “Thank you to @KLLauer for this very informative infographic.”

Yes, police posted basically a wanted posted illustrated the difference between llamas and alpacas.

Then of course, that social media user thanks for the infographic, chimed in with some wise words and photo evidence.

“Glad I could help. To be clear, I take no credit for the infographic, merely passing on some helpful field identification techniques.”

By the way, the main photo in this story is an alpaca. Not a llama. This one happens to live at the Calgary Zoo.

This is an alpaca. Photo: Calgary Zoo/Facebook

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