Owl dies after getting stuck in animal trap at Queen’s Sandringham estate

Queen Elizabeth II received criticism after an owl died in an animal trap at her Sandringham estate.

The animal is protected by law and the expired bird was discovered at Flitcham which is at a short distance from the Queen’s residence and Prince William and Kate’s country home.

Sandringham use traps to protect it wild birds and their eggs such as rats and squirrels.

After photos of the expired bird made rounds on social media, calls were made for the traps to be replaced with one that do not harm the animal instead.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “It is so sad that this owl died after getting caught in a Fenn trap. We are opposed to these traps and we advocate the use of non-harmful methods of deterring animals.

“We were very concerned that this poor animal had died in this trap and gave advice to make sure it didn’t happen again.”

The criticism didn’t end there as people expressed their fury on social media.

“Absolute disgrace. The royal family must know what’s being done in their grounds. Shame on them!!!!” one tweeted.

Another raged: “Disgrace. Set of disgraces.”

A third put: “Traps of any kind are barbaric and should be outlawed. The fact Sandringham is still using them is disgusting.”

Commenting on the incident a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “As a working Estate, Sandringham adheres to all the appropriate standards and regulations required.”

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