Owl injured on California highway should be sent back to the wild soon

Little more than a month ago, police rescued an owl from a Santa Barbara highway.

California Highway Patrol received multiple calls from worried citizens about “dazed owl” on northbound 101 Highway at Milpas Street on the morning of Dec. 5.

Two officers were dispatched, as was Santa Barbara Wildlife, to check on the status of the wayward barn owl.

It was a sad sight.

This barn owl was hit by a car in Santa Barbara. CHP/Facebook

But first responders swooped into action.

“We had a hoot with this little guy,” police said at the time, adding. “We are so happy the owl made it safely off the freeway.”

Officer Sean Kelly on scene with the injured owl along the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara. CHP/Facebook

And now there’s even better news.

The bird is a survivor.

The owl quickly got on the mend.

“We are excited to say, the owl is going make it,” police offered by way of update.

Police credited the Ojai Raptor Center for the owl’s rehabilitation.

One very lucky barn owl. Ojai Raptor Center/Facebook

“This owl sustained serious impact from a collision with a car and as a result had significant internal bleeding as well as trauma to the face, nasal cavity and eye,” the center explained.

The bird was placed in a body wrap to allow it time to heal.

And soon, as it’s now rebuilding wing muscles in a flying pen, it will be well enough to be released, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The center hopes the bird will be able to find a partner in time for mating season.

Photos Santa Barbara CHP/Facebook

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