Owl Love: The greatest love of all

Owls are officially the coolest. Here’s why. Amazing interspecies love action.

At Hukulou Coffee house in Osaka, Japan, an owl and a kitten have become BFFs.  Fuku-chan is a 5-year-old owl. Marimo is a 2-month-old Scottish Fold cat.

The cafe’s owners brought in the kitten cat to keep the wee owl company. Now, they are best friends, sleeping together and smooching. And, social media is lapping up every ounce of adorable from this inseparable pair. Photos and videos posted to Hukulou’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are spreading like wildfire.

It’s not hard to see why.






And, then there’s Poldi.

Poldi is an owl. Poldi also happens to be best friends who Ingo, a German Shepherd. And, their time together is diligently – and beautifully – documented by Tanja Brandt. She’s an animal photographer based in Germany and her mesmerizing photos of friendship are posted on her website and Facebook page.







Owls. Officially, also, the best.

Photos Hukulou Coffee/Facebook/Twitter Tanja Brandt/Facebook

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