Pack of feral chihuahuas terrorizing Arizona town

Rogue, wild and dangerous.

Residents in the tiny Arizona town of Maryvale are dealing with a feral pack of chihuahuas who roam the streets looking for their next victims.

Those victims have included children who claim that they’ve been attacked by the wild dogs.  chihuahua19n-1-web

There are times we can’t believe how great our jobs are as critters curators. We love the subhead on the story:

An Arizona town is overrun with tiny pooches that are terrorizing children and defecating anywhere they want

The number of stray chihuahuas has swelled beyond the abilities of the local animal control units.

chihuahua19n-2-webLarge packs of the dogs chase children as they head off to school and frustrated residents have made 6,000 control to agencies hoping someone can help them. 


h/t: New York Daily News

Photo credit: Fox News LatinoYoutube screenshots

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