Part-time pooch website is for those who can’t commit

Tyson is a Samoyed with “the world’s biggest smile.” Nanuck is a smart, fun and fast Mudi. And, Dasha is a King Charles Spaniel who loves to be with people.

Any of them, and dozens more, can be yours – on a part-time basis – on a website dedicated to hooking up dog-lovers with semi-regular best friends.

“Part Time Pooch will connect those that want dogs on a part-time basis, with those that have dogs and are open to boarding options,” the Part Time Pooch website notes.

Gavin Flett, who lives in Vancouver, B.C., launched Part Time Pooch earlier this year as a solution for people who need help caring for their pets and for those who might only want to borrow a dog. Dog owners pay a fee to use the website, while those borrowing the dogs have access at no charge.

Flett says the idea came after his friend’s dog sitter cancelled a at the last minute and after hearing comments for years from noncommittal dog lovers.

“I’d love to have a dog, but my job doesn’t give me enough time,” “Can I take your dog for a walk?” and “Would your dog like to hang out for the weekend?”

Flett aims to connect dogs and dog-lovers across North America. Subscribers have logged on from Vancouver to Toronto.

h/t CBC Photo Part Time Pooch

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