Passenger dog taken to safety after Manitoba RCMP pull over a suspected drunk driver

We all know drunk driving kills.

Yet some people still get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Earlier this week, RCMP in Manitoba may have stepped in just in time to protect people, property and one very cute dog by pulling over a suspected drunk driver.

“This poor ‘ol boy was just along for the ride yesterday morning,” RCMP tweeted Monday.

Not your best choice of designated driver. RCMP Manitoba/Twitter

The dog’s owner, the driver of the car, was stopped for impaired driving.

A 36-year-old man blew way over the legal limit and is now facing charges.

The dog was taken to animal control and is safe and sound.

This dog was the passenger in the car of a suspected drunk driver. RCMP Manitoba/Twitter

And the driver’s vehicle was impounded.

People are applauding police — and are relieved for the pup.

Photos RCMP Manitoba/Twitter

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