Petition to name statue in Toronto after Smiley the blind therapy dog

A petition to commemorate the life of Smiley the blind therapy dog is gaining traction.

Smiley, who was celebrated across North American as a puppy mill rescue pooch born without eyes turned rehab dog, died last week after a battle with cancer.

But now, a petition aims to have a statue in Toronto named after him.

Smiley did have the opportunity to visit Toronto, though not the new park, which could have a statue named after him. Smiley/Twitter

In just a few days, more than 20,000 people have signed a campaign titled, “Dedicate Berczy Park Statue to Smiley the Therapy Dog.”

Smiley was a very good dog. And it is a very nice statue.

The statue with an uncanny likeness to Smiley/

The fountain, which is located in newly renovated Berczy Park behind the famous “Flatiron” Gooderham Building, just opened in the summer. It’s become a popular place for locals and tourists.

Smiley, who lived in nearby Stouffville with owner Joanne George, never got to visit it, but people are certain the dog who tended to everyone from the elderly to bullied children would have loved it.


“Thanks for everyone’s support here,” wrote the man who spearheaded the unusual petition. “I walk by this statue daily most days and would love to see a dedication here. This park is very special, people love the fountain and the dogs.”

Smiley’s owner is just tickled pink by the gesture.

“There is one little golden who looks just like Smiley,” George wrote. “Please help us give Smiley a permanent tribute.”


The petition will be delivered to the city of Toronto.

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