Photo of dog pooping on gravesite creates social media furor

The internet proves yet again there’s no  such thing as a private moment. Even for a dog. And, especially if you’re the dog’s owner who is standing by as your pooch relieves itself in a cemetery that’s off-limits to dogs.

The photo, which appeared recently on a popular social media site under the headline “Local woman allows dog to defecate on grave.” The poster, who goes by the handle Regulator75, unleashed a public shaming debate after saying the “a friend and photo enthusiast captured” the snap. 

“An off-leash dog crapping on someone’s grave in St. Mary’s cemetery. After being notified that dogs are not allowed, this woman admitted to knowing that dogs aren’t allowed (apparently the rules don’t apply to her). I hope a dog craps on her grave. What a disrespectful woman,” Regulator75 noted.

Some chimed in with outrage. The woman broke a no-dogs-allowed rules clearly posted at the graveyard and that she allowed the animal to show such disrespect. Others said the public shaming was offside. What’s not clear is whether she scooped the poop. And, what exactly did she do with that snowball in her hand?

h/t CBC Photo

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