Pittsburgh Penguins play pickup pets

Calendar girls — and boys — posed for photos this week with players from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The dog and cat models will be featured in the 2020 “Penguins and Paws” charity calendar on behalf of city’s Animal Friends rescue and adoption group and NHL team.

Or, as the Pens put it: “It’s raining cats and dogs!”

Look at these mugs.

Sidney Crosby poses with one cute pooch for the Animal Friends annual charity calendar. Pittsburgh Penguins/Twitter


Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Er, um, we mean Jared McCann.

Even bunnies made the cut.

Check out Kirstopher Letang the team’s new “bunny whisperer.”

And Alex Galchenyuk who also has a way with rabbits.

The pets even got to take in some action on the ice.

Buy this calendar immediately. Because pets and hockey. There’s nothing better.

Look at those faces.

These are some very good boys.

Photos Pittsburgh Penguins/Twitter

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