Polar bear and Nunuavut man battle over beluga whale

Peter Kaludjak of  Arviat, Nunavut: We salute you and we’re in awe of you.

A polar bear wanted the beluga whale Kaludjak caught in Hudson Bay last week. But Kaludjak wasn’t giving it up without a fight.

Not only did he get into a tug of war with a polar bear over a whale (a beluga whale!), he had nerves of steel enough to snap a picture of the whole incident.

As Kaludjak tells CBC, the polar bear was so close he could see the bear’s red eyes. He could also tell by how skinny the animal was that he was desperate.

We got the rope and we were going backwards with the boat, trying to get it off the polar bear and the rope snapped on us, so we decided not to bother it.”

After losing the tug of war with the bear, Kaludjak and his hunting partner watched the bear take the whale carcass to shore where the bear and three other bear mates quickly consumed their catch.

When the polar bears finished dining, Kaludjak went to retrieve his hunting spear and harpoon, prized possessions because they had been left to him by his late brother.

h/t: CBC

Photo credit: Peter Kaludjak submitted to CBC



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