Heartbroken police dog Danny mourns RCMP partner Cst. Dave Ross killed in Moncton

It was an emotional day for Canadians as the funerals for three RCMP officers gunned down in the line of duty were held in Moncton.

But if it was possible for hearts to break a little bit more, it was when Danny the police dog, and partner of Cst. Dave Ross appeared.

Danny whimpered and cried by the side of Cst. Ross’ casket.

When the RCMP officers’ hat were carried in to be placed on top of the caskets, Danny jumped up on two legs to get closer to his partner’s hat.

Danny didn’t stray far from the hearse carrying Cst. Ross’ body.

Cst Ross, Cst. Douglas James Larche and Cst. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan were killed last week when a gunman went on a rampage in Moncton. The gunman later turned himself in to police after being on the lam for a day.

The funeral for the officers were held Tuesday as thousands gathered in the Moncton Coliseum. The funeral was also broadcast across the nation.

Const. Ross’s brother, Olivier Juneau-Rousseau, said last week at a news conference that his brother loved working with Danny.

He always wanted to work with dogs and he died doing what he loved.”

Photo credit: @KatieSimpson24, CTV National News

h/t: National Post Here’s a video a dog owner posted about her dog’s reaction to Danny’s cries at the casket.

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