Police in Germany help save man being terrorized by baby squirrel

This was not a typical distress call for German police.

“Help, I’m being followed by a squirrel!” a man called in desperation Thursday morning, according to the duty officer of the Karslruhe Police.

Officers were quickly dispatched to investigate.

Yes, this happened.

The man, who remains unnamed, just couldn’t shake the persistent little critter.

The baby squirrel was in full pursuit; the man, actually running, when police arrived. But then, suddenly it was over.

“The squirrel has fallen asleep because of the horror,” police said in a statement.

Fast asleep after a hard day’s chase. Karlsruhe Police/Twitter

Police had a little fun with the whole episode.

“Squirrel becomes a new mascot, baptized in the name of: Karl-Friedrich,” police said later.

The stubborn, but sleepy little rodent was taken into police custody. Then, to an animal rescue facility, where it is being cared for.

The suspect squirrel is now behind bars. Karlsruhe Police/Twitter

Officials figure the baby squirrel somehow became separated from its mother and was looking for a new home.

Clearly, this is Karlsruhe’s most wanted. Karlsruhe Police/Twitter

The hapless – and no doubt embarrassed – man simply became the animal’s fixation.

The vicious criminal was taken into custody. Karlsruhe Police/Twitter

Photos Karlsruhe Police/Twitter

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