Police in Oklahoma always get their man … or donkey or owl

Police in Norman, Oklahoma run into all kinds of characters on the beat.

Take yesterday.

“This morning,” the City of Norman Police Department noted on Facebook. “Officer Kyle Canaan responded to a call regarding a donkey on the loose in the 8100 block of 120th Avenue NE. To ensure the safety of the animal, he helped transport the donkey to a nearby home for safe keeping until its owner could be located.”


“It’s not everyday that you see a donkey in the backseat of a police car!,” police said. Nope you really don’t. But this donkey’s been getting a lot of love on social media.

The donkey was nicknamed “Squishy” and has been the butt of many jokes.

Or, as Mike Harper probably put it best Facebook, “Aren’t most jackasses in the back of a police car?”

But this isn’t the first critter captured by police. Last month, Norman police saved another creature in distress.

WildCare Oklahoma now reports that a great-horned owl Sgt. Darin Morgan rescued on the side of I-35 is on the mend.

Norman Police officer Sgt. Darin Morgan comes to the aid of an injured owl/City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook

This was the poor little fella.

City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook

Sgt. Morgan carefully placed the owl in a backpack.

City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook
City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook

And then gave the bird a sweet ride in the front of his cruiser.

City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook
City of Norman, OK Police Department/Facebook

WildCare Oklahoma took custody of the owl from there.

WildCare Oklahoma/Facebook
WildCare Oklahoma/Facebook

“She has been a very good patient!” the group noted. “She has started eating well on her own which is a very good sign. The goal is to remove one of the two pins in the wing in about one week.”


And now, this just in from police:

“WildCare Oklahoma reports that both wings are now stable without wraps. X-rays will be completed this week to determine if the bone has healed enough to remove the remaining surgical pin. Great news!”




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