Police search for rogue swan “walking with a purpose” outside Toronto

As far as manhunt’s go, this is probably a first.

Police outside Toronto were responding to a report of a swan “gone rogue and broken away from its flock.”

So went the Twitter alert from Peel Regional Police Friday afternoon. It is a police blotter for the ages.

“Swan is currently walking with a purpose northbound,” police continued. “…Unknown destination.”

Few humans can claim a swagger with such bravado.

People far and wide flocked to the all points bird bulletin.

And so began the search.

And then.

The update everyone wanted on this Good Friday.

There’s just so much to unpack. And all of it is just awesome.

Fare thee well mighty swan.

Rogue swan captured on Good Friday. Peel Regional Police/Twitter

Photos Peel Regional Police/Twitter

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