The POV craze has gone to the dogs with GoPro

If GoPro helmet mounts haven’t become ubiquitous enough at ski resorts, get ready for the dog park to be overrun with the popular cameras. The photography company has just unleashed “Fetch” – a harness for your pooch.

“Have you ever wanted to see the world through your dog’s eyes?” GoPro asks in its promotional pitch. “Fetch makes it possible, allowing you to mount your GoPro to your dog to capture life from his point of view.”

The company, which has mastered the after-market accessories game with its various mounts, arms, cases, batteries and viewers, promises that its latest gizmo will capture all the sniffing, panting, front-paw action, over-the-head running, jumping, playing, ball-chasing and snack-eating owners can handle.

Fetch, which retails for $59.99, mounts cameras on the back and/or chest of your canine friend. It fits dogs weighing between 15 and 120 pounds. It’s also padded, washable and water-resistant.

We suppose it would work on fair-sized cats, but how much footage of sleeping does the world really need?

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