Pride Dogs: Big and small, dogs of all sizes love Calgary Pride Parade

Tens of thousands of people took in Calgary’s annual Pride Parade to watch 140 colourful entries make their  way through the city’s downtown Sunday.

But it was the pups on parade that really stole the show. Dogs in costumes. What could be better?


The parade has been growing in support since Calgary Pride launched the event in 1990 and has since been celebrated “every Labour Gay Long Weekend.”


The Alberta city hasn’t always been known for tolerance, but political leaders of all stripes – from mayor’s to former prime ministers – have taken part.

The event – #YYCPride – was the #2 trending topic on Twitter in Canada behind only Mother Teresa being named a saint.


I mean, the fashion tips alone were worth going for.


And, runway style poise with legs that won’t stop.


The dogs of pride were bursting with it.


And even though it was unseasonably chilly, these dogs were still hot.


Only 8C (46F) but these pooches didn’t let that stop them from trotting out the last gasp at summer fashion.



So many beautiful dogs – and people.


Pride Dogs, indeed.

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