Puppies rescued during the BC wildfires weren’t really lost, owner says

A group of five adorable puppies certainly appeared lost.

The British Columbia Wildfire Service said one of its attack crews was working on a fire near Kamloops and on their way back to base when they spotted “a group of lost puppies on the side of the road.”

“After contacting local authorities, and determining that there were no houses or properties nearby that the dogs could have wandered from, the crew decided to bring the pups back with them,” officials posted on Facebook. “They are now being well fed and cared for, and the SPCA has been contacted.”

As 600 fires continue to burn across the province during a state of emergency, the good news – and the photo, – which is ridiculously cute, quickly went viral.

But the owner of the pups says it’s not what it seems.

Heidi Lang told Castanet the 12-week-old guardian dog puppies scooped up by firefighters were a mere 500 metres from her home in the Monashee Complex between Lumby and Three Valley Gap.

“They were on the side of the road but on our farm,” she told the news outlet. “We have 640 acres and the road goes through the farm.”

She even says her husband was among those who told the fire crews the dogs weren’t actually lost and lived on the nearby farm.

Lang is now trying to get her dogs back.

But you could probably forgive any confusion.

According to the BC Wildfire Service website, for 2018 there have been 1,925 fires in the province which have burned through more than 612,124 hectares of land. The Kamloops region, where the dogs were found, has seen 389 fires and lost almost 37,000 hectares to them.

And amid all that, good news makes everyone feel a bit better.

Photo BC Wildfire Service/Facebook

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