Puppy love: Lonely grandfather gets new best friend

A grieving grandfather bursts into tears after his family brings a surprise delivery: a tiny Yorkshire terrier.

“After a marriage of 63 years together, grandma past away on July 26th, 2014 after a short, but intense disease,”  Davy Vanhaesendonck wrote in his YouTube posting. “Grandpa also lost his doggy all within 4 months. To give him energy and the courage to continue his life… We gave him this present. A moment filled with emotions!”

Yup, and so far, more than 1.5 million people seem to agree.

And, it looks like this won’t be the last we hear about the adventures of this family in Belgium. Here is the puppy playing with a letter as grandpa – and a rather weird deer statue – look on.

Photo Davy Vanhaesendonck/YouTube


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