FAVE POST: Quick-thinking family saves life of frozen kitten

Elsa and Anna have nothing on this frozen cat.

GoPro has selected this amazing survival story for its annual awards. Watch as a family celebrating Thanksgiving at a cabin in Bear Lake find a kitten near death.


And, bring it back to life, not with true love’s kiss, but by performing chest compressions in front of a fireplace.


Get your Kleenex ready. Because this is miracle, the family says. And, the eyes of this cat say it all.


GoPro’s video titled, “Frozen Kitten Lives,” quickly attracted more than 3 million views.

“On a cold Thanksgiving morning, Branden Bingham and his family stumbled upon a seemingly frozen kitten buried in the snow. In an attempt to save his life, they rushed inside and began performing CPR on the lifeless cat.”

See it, to believe it.

Photos GoPro/YouTube

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