Raccoon sticks head in peanut butter jar, then gets stuck atop pole

From Fort Erie, Ontario comes this story with a happy ending for the raccoon.

Seems the poor critter found a peanut butter jar and somehow ended up on top of a power pole.


Now, you may be thinking:  how the heck did it get its head stuck and then how the heck did it wind up on top of the pole?

That’s some serious acrobatic moves it would have taken for the raccoon to get up there. And it took some serious balancing for the raccoon to stay up there in that spot.

(And now a PSA: Humans! Don’t leave peanut butter jars with the lid off when you throw away the half empty jar. Even better, recycle.)

Rescuers finally saved the raccoon by cutting off power to a nearby bank.

As the Fort Erie SPCA Facebook says, many pitched in to save the raccoon.

The Fort Erie Fire Department and The Canadian Niagara Power Company ROCKS!! Thank you for all you are doing for our fuzzy little friend up the pole that loves peanut butter.

And this is a problem elsewhere too.

When we began searching out raccoon, peanut butter jar and stuck, a number of these stories emerged.

Just three days ago, the same thing happened near Orlando, Florida where a raccoon was in a tree and looking out at the world through peanut butter glasses.

The sheriff’s release said:

As the raccoon peered at the deputy through the plastic jar, Deputy Steve Williams bravely climbed a ladder to his rescue. Due to the raccoon being scared, he scurried across the tree branch and jumped to  another tree making his capture even more difficult.”

Rescue personnel used their hose to spray the raccoon with water as Williams and others held a tarp on the ground below. The raccoon fell safely from the tree onto the tarp but evade capture by running from the rescuers. os-raccoon-peanut-butter-jar-pictures-002

Once apprehended the plastic container was removed and the raccoon was released back into the wilderness.

So remember, peanut butter and raccoon don’t go together even though peanut butter goes with everything else imaginable.

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