Raccoons caught stealing, but they will stop at nothing to get their fix

More evidence you just can’t turn your back on a raccoon for even a few moments.

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in Missouri posted this photo taken by visitor Caleb H. Swallows of the wily critter.

“He watched this raccoon steal a crappie from a fisherman’s bucket and climb up the tree with the fish where it enjoyed it’s meal. I wonder if he grabbed the biggest fish?” the park posted to its Facebook page this week.

Raccoon thief at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge/Caleb H. Swallows
Raccoon thief at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge/Caleb H. Swallows

Which reminded us of this raccoon, which was caught on camera stealing a doughnut at a bakery in Toronto. You can watch the 31-second escapade here.

There was also a raccoon who was famously taped thieving cat food. As Rigoberto Gonzalez notes in his YouTube upload, this critter has very particular tastes and makes a break for it upright and biped.


“Raccoon eating cats’ food, likes to mix it in the water like a bowl of cereal,” he notes. “Funny how she runs off with hands full at the end.”

It is simply amazing.

Here’s a mother and babies grabbing some day-old pizza. It’s still good, right?

Bird food seems like a reasonable – and easily accessible – foodstuff to nick.

Dog food can also be delicious.

Though this guy appears to have a moderate degree of shame after being caught in the act.


But not this masked bandit, which doesn’t stop at food. Check out this guy ripping off a rug.


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