Rainy Saturday donkeys sit out the rain and just chill

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Birmingham Donkeys has been around for 45 years and provides a refuge for donkeys from around the world and in this photo, it’s the donkeys who are seeking refuge from the rain.

By 2018 the sanctuary wants to be able to give a helping hand to two million donkeys each year in 40 countries, to double the number of donkeys in foster care to 3,000 and to expand our donkey assisted therapy programme in the United Kingdom and internationally.

They’ve never turned away a donkey in need.

On what was undoubtedly a rainy Saturday in Birmingham today, the sanctuary sent out a tweet showing three of their donkeys chilling.


Our #Picoftheweek a bevy of beautiful mini donkeys avoiding the rain

Have a #SuperSaturday pic.twitter.com/CtoAAO1a53

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