Raju the elephant who wept after being freed from chains now movie star

Life is getting better for Raju the elephant who was enslaved for fifty years in chains and forced to be a beggar in India.

You may remember the stories we’ve written about Raju who cried after veterinarian Dr finally released him from the chains his cruel owner kept him in. 

Millions of people around the world read about Raju and the daring rescue that SOS Wildlife undertook to free him.

There were fears that Raju was going to die if allowed to remain with his villainous owner. In fact, Raju’s former owner recently went to court to try and get the elephant back.

When SOS Wildlife rescued Raju, the elephant was starved to the point where he was eating plastic and paper to fill his stomach.  Charges may still be laid against Raju’s former owner.

But in happier news, it appears credit and likely some form of financial compensation will be going to the rescue organization. Deadline Hollywood  is reporting that a production deal has been made with the rescuers and a movie is in the works.

The story will focus on heroes Kartrick Satyanarayan (head of the SOS Center in India) and Nikki Sharp (head of the Wildlife SOS Foundation). 

And hopefully a starring role for Raju himself.

h/t: Deadline Hollywood

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