Ramona and cats made everyone smile for a few minutes thanks to accidental NPR post on Facebook

NPR swing editor Christopher Dean Hopkins posted a short Facebook update on what was supposed to be something personal.

It ended up however on the NPR’s Facebook account. This is what he posted.

A short time later, when Hopkins realized his mistake, he deleted the post 12 minutes later. As he later explained:

We don’t generally delete posts, so I tried to do it in a way that would be transparent,” Hopkins says. “My job is to promote our good work, and I catastrophically failed in that last night.”

But what Hopkins didn’t anticipate was how much people needed something “feel good,” after back-to-back-to-back-to-back tragedies — the Las Vegas massacre and the devastation in Puerto Rico, Florida and the Texas Gulf Coast from hurricanes.

And Ramona — who isn’t quite a year old yet — was it.

On Twitter, #friendsoframona exploded.

Hey, @NPR! These #fosterkittens just wanted to say hi to their friend #Ramona. #FriendsofRamona https://t.co/lYqpimhzfD pic.twitter.com/BpTK7OK5Si

— Pikes Peak Humane (@HSPPR) October 3, 2017


Photo credit: Christopher Dean Hopkins

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