Rangers rescue seagull wrapped in fishing line in northern Colorado

One bird was still alive, but a second bird was already dead when the pair was found tangled hopelessly together in old fishing line.

That was the horrific scene park rangers in northern Colorado came upon recently in Boyd Lake State Park.

“Rangers had to rescue a gull that was tangled up in fishing line attached to another dead gull,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted on Twitter Saturday. “It was able to be saved and flew away when they got all the fishing line removed.”

Park rangers worked to free one bird, but it was already too late for the other. Photo: CPWNE/Twitter

It’s not clear how long the birds had been struggling.

But this bird was lucky to survive — and sadly, its predicament isn’t all that unique.

“This is not the first time that rangers have had to rescue birds and other animals tangled in fishing line,” park officials noted.

The bird wouldn’t have been able to free itself. Photo: CPWNE/Twitter

Officials called it an important lesson in properly disposing of unwanted fishing line.

“For those fishermen that come out to the park it is very important that you don’t just leave old fishing line lying around,” park rangers posted on Facebook. “There are trash cans and specific tubes for fishing line that should be used.”

After all, one person’s garbage might mean a death sentence for an animal.

“We all need to work together to protect the wildlife!” the park added.

Rangers had to rescue a Gull that was tangled up in fishing line attached to another dead Gull. It was able to be saved…

Posted by Boyd Lake State Park on Saturday, December 5, 2020

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