Rare albino fur seal pup spotted in Russia

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A rare seal pup has been spotted in Russia and the biologist who spotted the unusual animal is worried that it might be rejected by its colony.

The ginger fur is so rare that marine biologist Vladimir Burkanov who saw the animal on a field trip at Tyuleny Island, east of Russia called it an “ugly duckling.”

It’s unique colouring is said to occur only one in 100,000 animals.

It was born less than a month ago and scientists will now monitor its survival in the colony.

The ginger seal might not survive. Picture: Vladimir Burkanov
Photo by Vladimir Burkanov

The ginger seal might not survive. Burkanov said so far the seal looked to be doing well.

‘This pup looks well fed and was very active, so its mother clearly gave it plenty of milk,” he said.

Burkanov said based on other cases of albino seals, the chances of this one growing and breeding were small.

“Other seals don’t pay too much attention to it in a somewhat worrying manner, so something is not quite right with it. But it’s not getting chased or bitten.”

The seal suffers poor eyesight.

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