Rare bat holds up in rare book store at Museum of English Rural Life

Merlin may well be more famous right now than Batman.

That’s because he made his own personal bat-cave in the rare book store at the Museum of English Rural Life.

He got in through a tiny hole and hunkered down sometime last fall. He was discovered by startled staff in December.

But his discovery and rehabilitation was only made public recently.

Here’s how he was hanging out.

They museum at the University of Reading said “the bat signal was lit.”

“Because the universe is weird, though, one of our volunteers and former librarian also looks after bats in her spare time,” the museum explained.

Rose-Ann Movsovic couldn’t be more perfectly suited to the job.

Behold: the bat.

It’s male.

And fittingly, named “MERLin” after the museum’s acronym.

It’s an Nathusius’ pipistrelle is a rare bat for that part of the world.

But experts are finding a few more are winding up in the UK as part of their migration routes.

Experts were called in to tend to the winged thing.

The bat was released on Wednesday night under the cover of darkness.

“He was hungry and thirsty when he came in and underweight so we’ve been feeding him up,” said Rose-Ann Movsovic of the Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire Bat Group, “And he’s now ready to go home.”

He didn’t seem keen to leave.

“At first he started flying straight back to the Archive store, but then thankfully veered into the trees,” the museum said. “Hopefully he will find other bats to roost with.”

Merlin may be gone, off with his colony, but he’s not forgotten.

A book end to an excellent story.

Oh, and now he now has a library card — in case he ever wants to check back in.

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