Rat found in soup at Vancouver restaurant could not have happened, says owner

Ratatouille anyone?

A disturbing video of a rat found in a bowl of soup may not have actually been as it appears, according to the owner of the restaurant.

An investigation was conducted, says Ashton Phillips at the Chowder House restaurant in Gastown after the video circulated on social media.

Phillips says some things don’t add up: the rat would have been too big to fit in the bread bowl and there’s no way the rodent could not have been spotted.

He raised the possibility that the rat couldn’t have gotten to the consumer who found it because of something the staff at the restaurant did or didn’t do.

“For us, we’ve done the research, we’ve done our investigations into it and we just don’t see how it’s possible,” he said.

The reaction of the girls who shot the viral video which seemed muted and matter of fact also raised suspicions, according to Phillips.

If you want to check out the video, look online. We’re not posting it here just in case it was faked. (Animals should not be used as pranks we believe!)

As a result of the incident, the offsite kitchen Crab Park Chowdery used to prepare its food was closed by the Vancouver health authority.


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