RAW VIDEO: Rhino with snout stuck in tire rescued in Zimbabwe

A rhino in Lake Chivero Recreational Park near Harare, Zimbabwe is breathing and eating a little easier after getting freed from the tire stuck on its snout.

A team of veterinarians released the muzzle on the critter after it was spotted with the tire embedded on itsface.

Lake Chivero Recreational Park is about 6 100 hectares in extent including the 16 km long lake.

The game park which opened in 1962 occupies around 1 867 hectares and holds a variety of game; most of which has been introduced from the Hwange game reserve.

The animals that are easily sighted in the park are white rhino, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala, kudu, waterbuck, tsessebe, ostrich, eland, sable, baboon, monkey, duiker, warthog, bush pig, rock hyrax, scrub hare, spring hare, bush squirrel. The park also has a variety of nocturnal species that include civet, genet, black backed jackal, porcupine, slender/ white tailed mongoose, caracal, pangolin, ant bear, serval, bushbaby, night ape and several other species.

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