RCMP officers save hawk trapped behind truck grille in British Columbia

Motorists often find themselves dodging birds on the road, but one pickup truck driver accidentally trapped one in her front grille while cruising along British Columbia highway.

The bizarre incident happened June 4 near Clinton where the woman, who is from Williams Lake region, was driving along Highway 97.

“A large bird suddenly emerged out of the ditch and took flight into the front of her moving vehicle,” RCMP explained in a news release.

The distraught driver pulled into the local RCMP detachment for help.

Somehow the massive hawk managed to get trapped in behind the front grill of the woman’s Toyota Tundra. The now stressed out bird-of-prey was unable to escape and the motorist attended the local RCMP detachment for aid,” Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, RCMP spokesman for the district said in a statement Tuesday.

The hawk was definitely precariously perched. Photo: RCMP

Sgt. Brandon Buliziuk and Cst. Marika Masters worked together to loosen the protective metal casing and pry it open.

They were ready with a blanket in case the large bird was injured. Instead, the hawk promptly flew away.

It didn’t appear to be hurt at all.

The feisty hawk is now footloose and flying free. Photo: RCMP

Perhaps the best part — at least for those of us who weren’t there — the amazing rescue effort was captured on video.

It’s a happy ending for one big bird, one relieved motorist and a provides a new entry to the Mounties always get their man — or critter — lore.

“Police officers working on the front lines never truly know what unique situations they will encounter day to day in policing the beautiful province of British Columbia,” police added.

No kidding.

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