Red crab migration takes over Christmas Island

It’s the most wonderful time of year — on Christmas Island.

The red crab migration is underway blanketing the landscape in crimson.

And it is always amazing.

Despite its name, Christmas Island, is far from the North Pole.

It’s a speck in the Indian Ocean, some 2,600 km northwest of the Western Australia city of Perth.

An estimated that 40 to 50 million of these red crabs live all over the island.

And officials do everything they can to protect them.

Such as rigging up barriers to keep them off the roads.

Barriers are erected to protect the crabs from being hit by cars. Photo: Christmas Island Tourism

And safe and sound.

Even barriers over roads help keep them safe. Photo: Christmas Island Tourism

And specific spawning dates in November, December and January are the most incredible times to see them in action.

So do plan when to get your creepy crawly on.

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