Relief for owner of miniature horse stuck in a miniature sinkhole

Forget rescuing cats stranded in trees. In Massachusetts, firefighters were called to help a tiny horse with a big problem.

Brenda Nickerson emerged from her South Chatham home Friday morning to find her 15-year-old miniature horse named Norton lodged in a sinkhole. The horse was stuck three to four feet underground.

“I said, ‘You’re in a hole.’ And I started to hyperventilate and shake and my heart was thumping,” Nickerson told local station WDHD.

When she forgot the number of animal control, she contacted the Chatham Fire Department. Firefighters dug down and built a ramp that allowed Norton to walk out unharmed. The animal was a bit agitated by the ordeal. Officials said the ground likely caved in around an old septic system, according to another local station, WBZ.

“Its interesting its something that doesn’t happen often,” Chatham firefighter Nick Ruggiere told WDHD.

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