Remember that bear who looked through the lens of a photographer’s camera?

Earlier this month, the photograph taken of a bear looking through a camera lens went viral, seen by millions of people.

The picture, taken by photographer Jim Lawrence, a nature photographer, was snapped at a very opportune moment, just as the bear went up on his back legs and gazed through the lens.

Now video taken by Raw Life Photography photographer Heidi Henke captured the amazing moments before and after that photograph was shot.

The bear meanders around and gets curious about the camera on the tripod. The bear even gets pulls at the camera strap and gets startled when the camera slides down.

After that, he crosses the road and disappears into the bush. Fortunately, the bear and camera encounter was captured by some very steady handed photographers and videographers.

The end credits names Harry the Bear, Wildlife photographer, Heidi Henke, photographer, Dianne Ethier, videographer/editor.

Jim Lawrence, whose camera Harry the Bear borrowed, makes a cameo appearance.

h/t: Heidi Henke/Raw Life Photography

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