Remember Miley the Husky rescued from a dump? Look at her now.

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Remember Miley the husky dog who was found in a junkyard?

Her fur was all matted, she was ill from malnourishment and her paws were raw from infections.

With a lot of patience, Miley was rescued by Eldad Hagar and with Hope for Paws, a non-profit organization, she was given a second chance at life.

The video of Miley’s rescue was seen by more than 19 million viewers. Miley’s story is similar to the story of Lillica, the junkyard dog in Brazil who traveled for miles each day to bring food home to the other critters

Now a year later, Miley’s recovery is amazing. Compare the photo of her above and this updated one.



Miley the Dog is now Miley Bua. Her owner Toni Bua is a teacher for actors and in her new home, Miley has thrived.

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