Retired officer buys K-9 partner for $1, supporters raise $72K

The good guys, a retired cop and his service dog partner, have chalked up a win over the bureaucrats.

There was an outcry in Marietta, Ohio after retired officer Matthew Hickey wanted to also have his  K-9 partner Ajax retire with him.

Officer Hickey had been on the force for 30 years and originally the city said Hickey could buy Ajax for $3,500. But then the city rescinded the offer and said Ajax had to be put up for auction to the highest bidder.

That’s when supporters stepped in and started a GoFundMe account. Thousands of funders signed up. In total, $72,000 was raised to help Hickey.


The tremendous outpouring of donations forced the city to reconsider. It now says Hickey can buy Ajax for $1.


The funds from Hickey’s supporters will instead go towards buying protective vests for other K-9 service dogs out there. A great win-win for all.

h/t: Facebook , GoFundMe

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