RIP Bobi: World’s oldest dog passes away at age 31

At 31-and-a-half-years-old, Bobi lived more than twice the lifespan of most dogs on the planet.

And for it, Bobi earned a Guinness World Record as the oldest dog ever and won admirers around the globe.

But as much as everyone hoped, Bobi couldn’t live forever.

Dr. Karen Becker, a veterinarian who had the pleasure of meeting Bobi, announced the famous dog’s passing on social media Sunday.

Dr. Karen Becker and Bobi in May, 2023. Photo: Karen Becker/Facebook

“Is there ever enough time? I think not,” she wrote on Facebook. “Despite outliving every dog in history, his 11,478 days on earth would never be enough, for those who loved him.”

Bobi’s owner, Leonel Costa, credited the dog’s longevity to “good nutrition, constant contact with nature, freedom to discover his environment, consistent veterinary care, and love,” according to Dr. Becker.

And it was just this past February, when Guinness World Records confirmed Bobi as the oldest dog it has ever recorded. At that time, Bobi was 30. The caramel-coloured pooch turned 31 in May.

On Monday, the organization mourned his passing.

Bobi was born in Portugal in May, 1992.

But he wasn’t meant to live.

He was born to a litter of puppies the family had no time for. Bobi survived only because Costa, then just 8-years-old, saved the pup, which was hiding in a wood pile.

“We are really happy and grateful to have Bobi with us after 30 years,” Costa said after the Guinness record.

Bobi was named the world’s oldest dog in February, 2023. Photo: Guinness World Records/Facebook

The dog lived roaming free, off-leash and never chained up. He was surrounded by love and good food.

Bobi also was friends with all creatures great and small — including the family cat.

Bobi and the family cat. Photo: Guinness World Records

“I believe Bobi deserves this Guinness World Records title and I, as his owner, have a duty to give him all the best and honor him in every way for this success in life,” Costa said at the time.

“Godspeed, Bobi,” Dr. Becker wrote. “You’ve taught the world all you were meant to teach.”

RIP dear Bobi. Photo: Guinness World Records/Facebook

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