Romanian firefighter hailed a hero for doing CPR to save dog’s life

One lucky pooch has a firefighter to thank for saving its life.

Firefighter Costache Mugurel was on the scene of an apartment blaze in Pitesti, Romania over the weekend when a dog was pulled from the smoke. He used CPR to save revive the dog.

He performed chest compressions, and even mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the unconscious dog. Costache even used an oxygen mask to revive the dog.

A Romanian firefighter performs CPR on a dog. Costi Tudor/Facebook

Reporter Costi Tudor posted a video of the heroic efforts to save the dog to his Facebook page, writing: “All my respect! Great man!”

The incredibly fortunate dog is seen later recovering from its injuries.  The dog’s owner was also taken to hospital.

Mugurel is being hailed as a hero around the globe, including by his department.

“For us, every life saved counts!,” noted the Inspectoratul General pentru Situatii de Urgenta, Romania.

And has now received an award of merit for his efforts.


It’s all been a bit overwhelming for a kind-hearted guy who was just doing his job.

“Nobody gets left behind,” he says simply in response to the outpouring of thanks.

He is humbled by all the attention posting to his Facebook page:

“Thank you all for appreciation!!!!”

Photos Costi Tudor/Facebook

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