Run, Rabbit, Run: But good luck outrunning this fleet-footed pine marten

This is a little bit sad, but it’s also life. Life in the wilderness, anyway.

James Loon captured an amazing video of a pine marten chasing a jack rabbit in Mistissini, Quebec, Canada.

“On our way to town this morning, we saw a marten hunting a rabbit,” Loon wrote on Facebook Thursday.


The video shows an almost minute-long chase down a snow-covered road. It’s frankly, exhausting. Mostly for the rabbit.

Spoiler alert: If you’re rooting for Peter Cottontail, maybe don’t watch this.


But be warned. This video has quickly amassed nearly 2.5 million views on Facebook. Click and you’ll see why.


Loon has also just posted it on YouTube. It won’t take long for this thing to go viral there, too.

Photos James Loon/Facebook

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