Sailors slam Japan for using dolphins during World Cup event

The Japan Sailing Federation has apologized for entertaining the world’s best sailors with a captive dolphin show.

The dolphins were used in the opening ceremony last week of the Tokyo 2020 test event and World Cup competition in Enoshima.

That apology came after animal lovers and athletes attacked organizers for the seemingly tone-deaf display.

British sailor and Olympic medalist Luke Patience even took to social media to share his shock, saying he “couldn’t be more embarrassed with what I’m witnessing.”

“As a sport, I hope we can show more morality than this,” Patience added.

Though many agreed with him, he later tempered his comments.

World Sailing, the sport’s governing body also said it was “disappointed.”

The organization added in a statement that it “does not condone displays of this nature and apologizes for the misjudgment and any offense caused.”

Japan’s sailing federation head Hirobumi Kawano offered an apology and explanation.

“[Views on] the treatment of dolphins differ among nations and individuals. We lacked consideration on this matter,” he said. “I apologize to people who felt uncomfortable.”

Main photo Luke Patience/Twitter

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