Saving snake tangled in trash ends with an unexpected twist

Two guys come across a snake that is snared in some mesh. Instead of being dicks and killing the snake, which is where I thought this encountered was headed, they carefully cut away the debris. Their YouTube video is almost 5-minutes long, but trust us on this, watch until the bitter end because the snake does something amazing. It regurgitates a frog. One very dead, very gross looking frog.

At first the guys think they injured the snake. Then, they figure the coughed-up frog was deposited as a thank-you gift. Kind of like a cat showing off the remnants of a mouse or a bird to its owner. But the snake’s urge to regurgitate was probably a reaction to stress and/or because it was handled too soon after eating.

In any event, give these guys gold stars for being friends to nature.  And, for posting it to YouTube where we could all be in awe of them – and the snake. We’ll even overlook the grammar boo-boo in the title: “Trapped snake thanks it’s rescuers.”

A word of caution: This video contains some colourful language.

Photo HelloCringle/YouTube

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