Shania Twain’s dog just won’t let the pop star do any work

Man, Shania feels like a dog person.

Just like any animal owner knows, when your pet wants attention, you can’t get anything done. And Melody, Shania Twain’s pooch, let the superstar know exactly who’s the boss in this cute video posted Sunday.

She paws at the computer. She nuzzles Twain. She does anything really to distract Twain from working.

Melody basically saying, “You don’t impress me much.”

Melody urging Twain to “Come On Over.”

“Mommy’s got to work,” Twains says. “I can’t get anything done around here.”

“You won! You won! … She’s so happy. Mommy put the computer away.”

Melody is a very good dog.

Photo Shania Twain/Twitter

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