Singer Jann Arden joins fight to save Alberta’s wild horses

Feral horses pose a threat to native animals and their food supplies and the Alberta government wants them culled.

Two hundred of the animals will be culled. But opponents say killing the animals won’t serve the long-term problems of too many horses in the region.

Now singer Jann Arden is joining the fight against the Alberta government’s decision to cull the horses.

Alberta’s government announced in January it will give out licences to capture 200 of the feral animals, which it says pose a threat to native animals and their food supplies.

However, opponents of the cull say hunting the wild horses won’t solve anything in the long run.

Arden and opponents of the cull flew over the Williams Creek area and disputed the government’s claims that the horses will have an impact on the land. They saw about 50 horses. Arden said in the Calgary Sun that there was no indication the horses were harming the environment.

What I saw looking over that land, the thousands and thousands and thousands of acres, nothing is being ruined.”

Arden and other opponents to the cull said contraception is a better route than trapping the horses.

h/t: CBC Calgary, Calgary Sun 

Photo credit: Wild Horses of Alberta Society 

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